Part 2 from Swami Sadhyojathah

Here is part 2 of the truth I by Swami Sadhyojathah

Although we have known of these 5-6 people who are behind these blogs for a long time, we had chosen to ignore them because any sensible person reading these blogs will immediately realize that they are just lies by those who are desperately trying to malign an organization and its founder.

However, we also don’t want simple innocent seekers on the spiritual path to waste their time by reading this non-stop rubbish. That is why I thought that it is high time that this bunch of negative bloggers be exposed.

When we responded to the first and partial compilation of charges against the Art of Living the bloggers reacted swiftly to say that they didn’t even know the people we were talking about!

But, shortly thereafter, they contradicted their statement by saying the following: ‘This person has been singled out and the same will happen to the rest of the bloggers!!’ They have also appealed to everyone to write good about ‘this person’! First they said that they don’t know ‘this person’, then they said ‘this person has been singled out’ and now they say that ‘this person is good’. This is more than enough for any sane person to understand the mindset of these negative bloggers. Who is ‘disgruntled’?

It seems to be these bloggers who dwell on lies.

When my response came, they asked me to declare how much money I have received till now from Guruji/The Art of Living. We are not those kind of people who sell their souls for mere currency notes. (Read Matthew 26:14-16 which says ‘Then the one called Judas Iscariot went and asked ‘what are you willing to give me if I hand him over to you?’ So they counted out for him thirty silver coins’).

Now they talk about ‘freedom of speech’ closeted and writing utter rubbish and lies against anyone. Can that be considered freedom of speech? Brave people who speak the truth reveal their identity. Only cowards hide themselves and blabber about ‘freedom of speech’! Freedom of speech does not mean that you hurt people’s sentiments with lies.

Guruji is a revered spiritual Master worldwide and he is considered as an icon of millions of Hindus. Although nothing affects HIM, no one has any right to hurt the sentiments of millions of devotees and Hindus with their non-parliamentarian language.

How come that even though they claim to get all the inside stories of the Art of Living they didn’t get the news that 4 TTC courses happened in India, Canada and Panama after the BBC recording of the interview till date? Did they not get news from the so called ‘insider’ that each Indian TTC comprised 1000 plus participants? In fact when I wrote that there are more than 10000 teachers worldwide I counted only Part 1, Yes, Yes plus and Art Excel teachers. I have not even counted Sri Sri Yoga teachers and BWS teachers. Since their sole intention is to write lies, we can’t expect them to look at facts.

It was hilarious to read their advice that they wished to teach a DSN course for Guruji! They wish to teach DSN course??!!! There must be love and compassion to teach DSN. Those with hatred and jealousy cannot teach DSN. Only brave people can teach DSN. Cowards who remain anonymous cannot teach DSN. Are they so unintelligent that it took them ‘so many years’ to find flaws in Guruji and the Art of Living? They find fault with one and all and claim that it is ONLY they who have the correct information.

It has become very clear that these negative bloggers have no better job to do other than trying to malign the Art of Living and the tremendous work being done by the organization with the inspiration from Guruji. At present in Manipur 150 Maoists are undergoing training based on peace and further 150 are on the way to get trained.

Such good work is not acceptable to terrorist organizations and they use these negative bloggers to gather some information and spread misinformation.


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