Rathiji’s views

From C L RATHI, Ex APEX BODY MEMBER , Maharashtra Art Of Living

Hey guys, what is your problem?To begin with Guruji i.e. Sri Sri designed his own courses and is perfectly entitled to charge money from any one wishing to learn his techniques. This is absolutely normal and legal. He has even kept enough flexibility so that same course is offered free of cost to those that cannot afford it and at Euro 250 to those who can! No one is deprived the knowledge! Millions of people have found solace and their tears have turned into a “Smile”.So I ask again, what is the problem?

2)  Guruji  is a Hindu and his teachings are all based on ancient Hindu philosophy. Adoring your Guru has been an age old tradition and nothing new. There is nothing “deceptive” about it. It is quite open and clear. World over there are Gurus that follow this Hindu tradition and are looked upon in a similar way.

3) When you say “Guruji’s behavior is quite rude and he gets angry quickly”, you are  projecting a picture that is simply untrue. He by far the most smiling Guru I have ever came across and mind you, I have met many, many Gurus. Guruji meets millions with the same smile and genuine love and hundreds of thousands will confirm this.

4) I am an ex-Apex Member and I know the organization’s finances inside out. I have worked with almost 2000+ teachers as an Apex Member. I personally know how difficult and trying it is to bring in discipline in a voluntary organization. Most volunteers never have any understanding about this. I also run my own company with about 450 employees and two family charitable trusts. Take it from me, the Art of Living is probably one of the cleanest organizations in the world.

4) No one is ever forced to join, stay or leave this organization. This again is very unique.

5) Once there was an incident when a group of very poor people from Maharashtra state reached the Ashram to do an advanced course. Guruji not only gave them their fees back but also paid for their train fares! This is never ever done in any business. Guruji is not money-minded at all. He travels tirelessly to help people. Your description about him is totally bizarre. I have traveled with him and been witness to his interactions with people and so I can say all that I am saying with absolute confidence.

6) You speak of injustice. What injustice has happened?  To who has it happened?

7) Guruji has created a reward system as an incentive. Every teacher is rewarded based on his / her work. If teachers face problems, there are the Apex Body that are totally empowered to take care of them. I personally have helped several teachers during my own tenure as an Apex Member. I didn’t even have to consult Guruji in these matters.

8) Almost 8 years ago, Guruji asked some of the oldest members of the Art of Living to retire from the trust  where they held position, starting with his own sister Bhanu Didi, Arun Madhavanji, Kishor Mukherjee, etc. Now it is almost mandatory for members holding key positions in the organization to retire every 2 years. For example ex-CBI Officer Dhavanji took over the post of Shri Madhavanji and later a very senior retired executive from the Tata group Mr. Yezdi Batliwala took the charge from Shri Dhavanji. Bangalore Ashram was managed by Mrs. Rajita Bagga who is a Senior Manager with Citibank and now Mr. Mehul Parekh who is Civil Engineer from Ahmedabad has taken over the charge in less than 3 years.All stories of financial mismanagement are far fetched. Each one of the trustees has served the organization faithfully and without profit!

Hey Man, Chill out! I seldom write yet your baseless but malicious blog forced me to write as well.


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